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AT&T 3B2/300

ATT 3B2/300

Donor: Jack Scheible
Location: Williamsburg, VA

The 3B2 is an old UNIX system. The later models are still actually in use in some places. This particular 3B2 has 2 megs RAM, a 30 meg hard drive, and a 720Kb 5" floppy drive. It's currently running version 3 point something of System V UNIX. The monitor is a genuine TELETYPE. It simply screams 70's style! (Even though it's from 1983.) There's a little lever to the right of the screen that lets you pivot the monitor up or down within its frame. This 3B2 has eight serial ports, some functioning, some not. We're trying to find an ethernet card for it, so we can put it on our network. Maybe we'll turn it into a Web server and put the Museum up on it. (Maybe not.)

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