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Commodore 64

Owner: K. Slettemoen & T. Carlson
Location: Williamsburg, VA

Our original home computer. 64K RAM. (38K available for BASIC programs, another 4K free for ML programs. Although, ML programmers could swap out various ROM banks, making nearly all the RAM available.) Great sound and graphics for its time. The 1541 disk drive was extremely slow, due to its serial interface. The nicest thing you could say about it was that it was faster than typing. I went through 5 years of college with this as my main computer and made over $2500 writing small BASIC programs for COMPUTE! magazine with this computer.

While the built-in sound capabilities of the C64 were impressive, mine is tricked out with a full size, five octave, 12 note polyphonic piano keyboard. It comes with a cartridge containing a Yahama FM synthesis chip. The sound is great! (We run it through an old guitar amp.)

Here are some more shots, courtesy of Scott Peterson:

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