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Dynalogic Hyperion

Owner: J. Rottman
Location: Texas

Jeff Rottman, master of cute quasi-portables, shows off this portable MS-DOS machine:

This computer is a Canadian built machine, called the "Hyperion", built by Dynalogic corporation. It is an MS-DOS portable machine that includes 2 near full height 360K Floppy drives and a built in 5 inch amber montor screen. The computer comes with 256k ram and includes a serial, parrallel and an expansion port on the rear.

The keyboard slides in under the main unit for carrying and it comes with a nice padded dark blue carrying case. When this machine was being advertised in the magazines, they were bragging how easy it was to fit under an airline seat.

I have successfully run MS-DOS 6.0 on the machine, although it was usually bundled with a special Hyperion version of DOS 1.25 when new. The screen can emulate both a Hercules or a CGA monitor in shades of Amber. It also included some bundled software for business, and DOS.

I believe it was being sold in the mid to late 80's.


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