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Daewoo IQ-1000

Donors: Stefan Jones & Chris Chan
Location: Williamsburg, VA

Finally, a real MSX computer. Very nice little system. You can hook it up to a dual floppy drive unit, very convenient. It can even read low density IBM disks. (Very handy for tranferring programs from the net.) The DOS is very similar to PC-based DOS, and it runs MS Basic, or course. This particular model was made for the Korean market. The keyboard and OS can handle both English and Korean characters. The instruction manuals are fun to look at because most of the text is in Korean, but keywords and programming examples are in English. Of course, it has the same gorgeous extended Basic that all MSX machines shared, as well as the great graphics.

To be honest, the two things I like best about this computer are:

  1. The funky blue cursor keys. All computers should have keys like this.
  2. The logo for the IQ-1000 has a little thumbs-up in between the "IQ" and the "1000".

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