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Epson QX-10

Donor: Mark Sanetrik
Location: Williamsburg, VA

Little brother to the QX-16. This is one great little computer. The green screen is almost painfully sharp and draws its power directly from the main unit. The keyboard has more special keys than I know what to do with. The dual floppy drives are slim as can be, making this one sharp looking unit. It can run as a DOS machine. It can run as a CP/M machine (running TPM-III) with 256k, which is a ton for CP/M. And it can run Valdocs,a very integrated suite of applications. The keyboard is loaded with Valdocs-specific keys, making it very easy to use.

(I have it on good authority that Valdocs was written in FORTH. I've also heard that the Atlanta airport baggage system is written in FORTH.)

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