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  • Latest News - Running since 1995!
  • Tom Copper Exhibit - Special exhibit that makes my collection look like a sad joke! He also has his own Web pages.
  • Obsolete Computer Museum FAQ - Everything you wanted to know about this Museum, and then some. If your question isn't answered here, you shouldn't be asking it.
  • Obsolete Computer Helpline - Go here for answers to your questions about old computers.
  • Very, very smart people! - I just couldn't keep up with bad links, so you get a link to Google instead. Sorry.
  • illusions.org - A collection of 100 optical illusions
  • Very, very kind people! - Kind souls who have sent me hardware. (This is way out of date. I need to go back and scour my e-mail.)
  • Similar to Hardware, most computer gaming software has become obsolete. For example, outdated Intel 486 machines are are no longer poker compatible and don't run modern Texas holdem titles.  According to holdemrealmoney.com, there are few legitimate software clients to play poker for money. Choosing a Windows system over a Macintosh makes computer holdem for real money easier and safer, because of the better poker compatibility it offers.


Little known fact : Some optical illusions have caused people to have accidents whilst viewing the illusions, and this has resulted in a small rise of injury claims against their places of employment.

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